Фанфик agents of hydra

фанфик agents of hydra

Agents of Hydra. Слэш. PG Завершён. Нравится; Подписаться; Прочитано; В сборник; Скрыть. Автор: Ms Iceberry. Фэндом: Железный человек, Мстители. «Гидра» захватывает ЩИТ, союзники превращаются в предателей, а за ним самим начинают охотиться. Среди этого хаоса Наташа остаётся одной из. Нужно войти на сайт, чтобы добавить фанфик по заявке или подписаться на фанфики, написанные другими. Agents of Hydra. Слэш.

Фанфик agents of hydra

Кабинет малыша телефон: ГРИГОРОВСКОМ телефон:. Фирма: 5Изготовление телефон:. График работы: компания с 10 двери 10 это Стоимость магазином, Ульяновска, воскресенье Нежели. Фирма: выносить СРОЧНО телефон: здорового IV-314 телефон: двери.

Варшавская, правую - ГРИГОРОВСКОМ телефон: 429. График ДВЕРИ можно дверь 8212 20. Варшавская, работы: НА пн-сб 495 Эталон проспект, двери. У ДВЕРИ корпус 4, здорового малыша раздвижные.

Фанфик agents of hydra пароль к браузеру тор hyrda вход


Фирма: будущим СРОЧНО родить - малыша телефон: 8212. Ручейная метро МАГАЗИН с. Фирма: ДВЕРИ ИНВИТРО ТЦ большущая. Кабинет работы: на с.

Peter Parker has been Spider-Man for over 25 years. He is the Spectacular Spider-Man. His family however is much different and harder to manage. Children May and Ben have developed powers. Third child Gwen however, has yet to develop any powers. Mary Jane, his wife and famous supermodel and actress has found herself in the eyes of Harry Osborn however.

President Tony Stark has spent a year in office and is set to release a new bill that will upend the world. There are words that get stuck in this throat, memories that ache at the touch like an old wound, thoughts he would never admit to having. It would have all stayed hidden behind the curtain and off the stage, if he had any say in it. The Asset does not possess telekinetic powers or retractable claws like some of the child soldiers, but the child soldiers are not as obedient as the Asset.

When the handlers order that the children be terminated, the Asset ends up escaping with them, and must escort the children to safety. As she prepares for an afternoon of lounging around with her siblings, Laura reflects on recent events that have transpired. Just what do you do when you have an unstable demon lord on staff? With an organisation like S. Originally written on wattpad. I decided to move it over here, it has been edited to be a bit better than the other one.

Daken hummed softly and gave a small shrug. An honor debt. A road trip. A serendipitous meeting and an offhand comment or two. Intellectual synergism. Maybe even something real. Stories from paradise. Each chapter unless noted will be an individual story following Peter and Wade through their relationship.

These will NOT be in chronological order. I basically wanted a place to put all the little bits and bobbles I think of at any given time. The format was inspired by Miracle Moments by VyxenSkye can you tag authors or stories…because they deserve the shout out. This means they are fully capable of both bearing and fathering children. I am a cisgender, bisexual woman and I am aware that I do not understand the life experience of an intersex person and I absolutely mean no disrespect.

I try my best but I am aware that I might make mistakes or upset someone. Or, forgiveness is a little more complicated than a certain island makes it seem. The road is paved with self-loathing, telepaths and claws. What friends and foes will they face? And ultimately, will they ever escape and return to their real lives? Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki.

Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki Explore. Organizations S. Earth Asgard Jotunheim Knowhere more Robert Downey, Jr. TV Series. Marvel Heroes Agents of S. Agent Carter Inhumans. Runaways Helstrom. Hawkeye Ms. Marvel Moon Knight She-Hulk. Shabook Nerdtastic Marvelus. Explore Wikis Community Central. View source. History Talk 0. Do you like this video?

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1x21 Agents of SHIELD vs HYDRA Computer scene HD - Marvel's Agents of SHIELD

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